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Tracking and tracing

Mainly used in distribution and logistics the tracking and tracing system refers to the ‘process of determining the current and past location of a unique item’( according Wikipedia). For taxi companies the importance of a tracking and tracing system is quite high in order to ensure a good fleet management and to ease the booking process for all its actors: passengers, operators and drivers. Actually this feature is essential in all the booking process: starting with the back-office operators and controllers who need to have an eye all the time on the vehicles position and location in order to allocate the jobs to the drivers and continuing with the clients who want to monitor the status of their driver until the pick-up point. A good dispatch system should have included also the tracking and tracing feature as an essential component.

Smart2Car is an intelligent dispatch solution comprising a back-office operations module, a front-end Web booker app for passengers and also mobile apps for drivers and passengers. Having as main concern to maximize the efficiency of the booking process, to reduce costs and to automatize the work flow for the taxi companies, Smart2Car has paid particular attention to the tracking and tracing feature of the system.

If you’re wondering how tracking and tracing may help you and your taxi business let’s find out in the next lines. First of all, Smart2Car offers you a complete panel for back-office drivers’ monitoring. In this way you will know all the time your drivers’ real position and it will be very easy to allocate the jobs on their mobile devices. Actually this special console is very useful for controllers enabling them to keep in touch all the way with the drivers and to ensure that everything is going as it is supposed to. The back-office module also comprises a flight tracking software that can be used by operators to see the possible delays or the early arrivals of flights and in this way to dispatch the drivers in the necessary time.

This tracking and tracing feature is also available for the mobile apps of the passengers enabling them to trace their allocated driver in real-time with only one click. In this way they will have an eye on the status of their driver at all times.

Taking all these reasons into account why not giving a try to our new Smart2Car dispatch solution and optimize your company’s costs? For more information on the above subject or on the system as such you can send an email at: or give us a call at: +44(0)2031 500 250.