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Clients testimonials

Keep going forward this way and you”ll grow woth time ! I have worked with mercury and auto cab dispatch they are expensive to purchase and then monthly licence fees are per dispatch system and per PDA which work out to expensive, with Insoftdev one price and you can run as many computers as you want. NO PDA’s so no monthly licence fees there, drivers app’s can be loaded direct on the drivers phone, simple to install and operate. The dispatch system is also easy to use so you save time training the staff to use the dispatch system. Insoftdev had my dispatch up and running with a matter of days and the after support is excellent.”
“We are happy with dispatch system and saving money which we pass on to the drivers” Happy days with Insoftdev.

Shinda Sandhu
Global Transfers UK

“Our insistence upon quality and impeccable service in all parts of our business was readily accepted by InsoftDEV the mobile smartphone applications for IOS and Android enabling clients to book anywhere anytime, a mobile driver app for Chauffeurs, to have a quick response from our Chauffeurs regarding the status of the each Client journey and a system to be as user friendly as possible and by using industry standard maps significantly reducing the number of “clicks” required by our clients to identify their pickup and drop off points entering any combination of street addresses, postcodes or locales giving us a significant competitive advantage.”


Calin Dolha
Private Executive

Great Experience ! So far working with Insoftdev has been a great experience for us at Citrans global limited operators of REDCAB Lagos Nigeria. We have been able to automate all our dispatch progress both from payment from chauffeurs/drivers to passenger booking online, which has been a serious challenge before now since 2010. With the present version of the dispatched app deployed in April 2014, our operators and customers has been able to make their booking online from any location and we have been able to keep a record of all our clients, and monitor all operator operations from anywhere.
Also in 2015 we intend to roll out the Smart2car app for all drivers to enable our driver receive direct order from client while operators will concentrate more on management of the system to ensure quality customers service and 0.1% service failure.
I also want to commend the prompt support received so far working with your team … Keep up the good work in 2015 and the sky will be our starting point working together in Nigeria as we can build a better system than that of Uber, Easytaxi etc.. in west Africa.”

Olagunju S. Oladipo
Citrans Global

Very professional team, thank you INSOFTDEV! We’re using Web and  mobile (Android and iOS) booking systems, Dispatcher and Driver apps (Android and iOS) and we are very impressed with the amount of drivers data the system can handle. We’ve have spoken with Ionut about new features we need to integrate and use under the same system and  INSOFTDEV team was very receptive. Definitely this is the  system that will challenge the  UK leaders in the near future.”

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Ionel Tanasa
Airport Transfer Cars Ltd