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Caller ID

Any industry becomes performant when using the latest technologies in its field. In the last years the taxi industry has known multiple transformations and has embraced the new technology by using innovative dispatch systems which have eased the booking process and have automated the work–flow.

In this piece of article we will focus on a certain functionality that is essential for each dispatch system meaning: the Caller ID feature. First let’s see what do we understand by Caller ID functionality? Well , according to Wikipedia : ” is a telephone service, available in analog and digital phone systems and most voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications, that transmits a caller’s number to the called party’s telephone equipment during the ringing signal, or when the call is being set up but before the call is answered. Where available, caller ID can also provide a name associated with the calling telephone number.” To explain it in simple words the Caller ID is a functionality that displays the phone number of the caller on your phone. It can also display the name of the caller or any other information like the picture, city or state of the caller if they are previously stored in the memory of your phone device.

Caller ID

Smart2Car is a revolutionary dispatch and fleet management system which will make your taxi company more efficient and will decrease the costs for your business in a short period of time. This is a compact all-in-one system gathering solutions for passengers, operators, controllers and drivers. Let’s now see how the Caller ID functions in the system and how it can help your taxi company.

This feature, as earlier mentioned, has an important role in the booking process mainly because it can ease the operators work by displaying all that information about an existing client: phone number, name, country, city, email address, previous jobs and so on. Actually any time an existing client will decide to contact your company by phone your operators will see his/her personal information being portrayed on the screen of their computer. This applies also for the drivers of the company whose personal information is stored in the database of the company. Any time a driver will contact the controller or the operator his personal information will be displayed on the screen. In fact this can win time for your operators and will for sure minimize the number of keystrokes required to book a job.

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